On Truth

In this month’s Harpers, there is an excerpt from a deposition of appropriation artist, Richard Prince, in a copyright suit against him.  Towards the end of the excerpt, the exchange goes like this:

Q: So when you said you were taking flying lessons in your own airplane, that wasn’t true?

A: I was being creative.

Q: Which means it wasn’t true?

A: I would leave that up to the audience.  I don’t want to say whether or not–I might be flying, taking flying lessons.  I don’t see the relevance of that.

Q: But you understand you’re under oath now?

A: Oh.

Q: Did anyone tell you that?

A: Yes.

Q: So do you understand it’s important in this deposition to tell the actual truth?

A: But I’m trying to explain what I meant when you asked me–

Q: I asked you if you owned an airplane.

A: And I said no.

Q: In this deposition I will ask you to do your best to give us the actual truth instead of like what somebody might imagine the truth could be.

Thank you, Richard Prince.

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