Big News Today

AP reported on a not-for-profit independent journalism organization’s  study which claims that the Bush administration issued “false statements” regarding Iraq for the two years leading up to our subsequent invasion of said country.  Be startled five years after our pre-emptive war invasion here.

Also, the last post mentioned a Missed Connection post which was important.  The post was flagged (for obvious reasons after I describe it to you.)  It was probably flagged within the first ten minutes of its posting.  Sadly, I read craigslist so frequently that I caught it.  Basically, the post was a picture of a dude, propped up on his back on the hood of a car in the street in Philadelphia.  He was incoherent and had a pee stain all down his jeans.  The caption said something to the effect of, “does anyone know if this person died last night?”

Sadistic, I know, but it was so gruesome that I immediately assumed it was a joke.

Finally, let’s begin to guesstimate who will win the nominations in each party and who will be in the final race for the White House (independents included.)  Place your bets:

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