Winnebago Man or The Angriest Man in the World

I left the theater last night feeling both heavy and empty.  This documentary caused me to laugh the hardest I have laughed in quite awhile.  At the same time, however, it forced me to reflect upon life in a profoundly sobering way.

The subject of the documentary, a flamboyantly articulate septuagenarian,  began life with a clear and particular dream of what he was to become in life.  He worked hard towards that end.  While in pursuit of his goal, he happened to make an industrial video which was far removed from his ideal.  In the end, this one, humorously absurd blip on his biographical radar suddenly became the reason why millions of people now know this man.

We all set out on a course which is purposed to lead to our dreams.  This documentary and its portrayal of this man’s life makes one wonder, “could I, too, veer so far off my intended course?”  None of us dream dreams and set ultimate life-goals with an understanding or even, perhaps, an inkling that we may not only fail to come close to them, but we may achieve the exact opposite.

My advice: do not find contentment in your aspirations; find contentment and let that contentment birth forth your aspirations.  Contentment is an end in and of itself.

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