The New Law of Righteousness

“The man of the flesh judges it a righteous thing, That some men that are cloathed with the objects of the earth, and so called rich men, whether it be got by right or wrong, should be Magistrates to rule over the poor; and that the poor should be servants nay rather slaves to the rich.  But the spiritual man, which is Christ, doth judge according to the light of equity and reason, That al man-kinde ought to have a quiet substance and freedome, to live upon earth; and that there shal be no bond-man nor beggar in all his holy mountaine…”

-Gerrard Winstanley “The New Law of Righteousness” (1649)

Here, we find, bolstered, the idea that we should strive for more than we now have.  Ideals are utopian, and as such, quite impossible.  However, we should never stop moving towards the impossible.  Whatever the reasons may be, it seems that humans will not take care of themselves and take care of those around them unless there is some ulterior motivation.  Thus, we have a system in which, a mechanic will want to fix my car because I can pay for it to be done.  We also have a system in which the government will help someone out when they are in need.  The point thrust forth in the excerpt above is that humans should be moving and preparing for a system in which neither of these will be necessary.  Even if it never comes to fruition, at the very least, we will be evolving into a more independent species and not into a fully dependent species.

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