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This is not a joke

This is really happening. Whoops.  In the words of Urkel, “Did I do that?”

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Government to keep track of $787 Billion?

NYTimes. Honestly?  Truly?  Without bending the truth even a little?  Without even saying, for my own humble example, that 1 million went to infrastructure in, say, New Jersey, when, really, it went to a unfair, over-inflated, non-competitive contract bid?  Impossible. Still, naive as it may sound, at least there is an attempt to be transparent. […]

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Modern Political Discourse

Scott Horton drops a mind-bomb. One night of watching back-to-back O’Reilly and Hannity television programs could easily prove the argument.  Also, for the sake of fairness, Rachel Maddow is just as bad if not more obnoxious.

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Who polices the police?

A particularly pertinent and poignant pontification.

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Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri

Jane Mayer wrote a brilliant article in the New Yorker.  Here it is.

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Leahy calls for Truth Commission

here. I have mixed feelings about this proposed approach.  People should never be allowed to break laws and not answer for it.  If no laws were broken, let Bush et al be exonerated.  But if laws were broken and nothing is done, what assurance is there that the same things won’t happen again.  None.  Just […]

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HEY, OBAMA, YOU FAIL. Change apparently doesn’t include extraordinary renditions.

Glenn Greenwald has this one pretty much covered. This is scary.  Let’s not simply defer to Obama.  Let’s question him.  The office of president is not a hot-house of aristocracy.  He is a civil servant.  He has to answer to us. Update:  Scott Horton wrote about it this morning.

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The Pentagon Claims that 61 Released Detainees have Gone Back to the Dark Side

Read: 1. 2. 3. Fear is on their side.

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Torture and Yoo

This. If we don’t investigate, what assurance do we have (or, rather, could we have) that this won’t happen again?  The question isn’t rhetorical. This on torturing children and Yoo and Alito. Finally, Yoo can’t believe it’s wrong.

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I am thankful for Scott Horton among others. Make sure to follow the link with regard to the Sanders comment.  Either way, here it is.

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