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Rioting as a Luxury

There are two things happening right now in the world: this & this. In both images, people are wearing the colors of the side they support.  In both images, emotions are running high. However, these are two very different images.  The events they depict could not be more polarized. It is hard to imagine that on a […]

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On Humans

An excerpt from “An Outpost of Progress” by Joseph Conrad: The two men watched the steamer round the bend, then, ascending arm in arm the slope of the bank, returned to the station. They had been in this vast and dark country only a very short time, and as yet always in the midst of […]

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On Truth

In this month’s Harpers, there is an excerpt from a deposition of appropriation artist, Richard Prince, in a copyright suit against him.  Towards the end of the excerpt, the exchange goes like this: Q: So when you said you were taking flying lessons in your own airplane, that wasn’t true? A: I was being creative. […]

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An Important FYIzzle


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More from Ishi

In describing the mindset of the legions of prospectors traversing Ishi’s homeland, the author provides this illuminating historical context through the eyes of an abandoned prospector, J. Goldsborough Bruff, who kept intricate journals of his experiences: Gold seems to work on the human psyche to its undoing.  The Reverend Walter Colton, Alcalde of Monterey, is […]

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