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Union Square no longer site of free speech and activism

EFF explains the story here.  Techdirt catches on. It seems as though parody servicing the bread and circus agenda is “fair use” while parody attempting to educate is less fair.

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And so it Begins

5 detainees released. Cheney and Gonzalez indicted for prisoner abuse. And,’s “Most Read” story.

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Gitmo Aftermath

Scott Hornton turned me on to this report.  The report is from The Human Rights Center of the University of California.

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Super Tuesday and Missing Emails and Patriotic Acts of Congress

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) have sent a letter to Mukasey requesting a probe to find out why so many emails are missing. Also, check out this awesome interactive map of Super Tuesday. Finally, please read this interview with Senator Feingold regarding the APTLY named Protect America Act. This needs to be […]

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Maccarone gets serious.

Please find below a copy of a letter sent by Michelle Maccarone to a vast array of art schools and other folk regarding Christoph Büchel’s recent fight with tha law and Mass MoCA. He lost. Tha law won. I encourage everyone to research this situation. Not a very good decision for artists and, ultimately, art. […]

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Ahmadinejad’s Blog

here. Also, list of presidential pardons.  Merry Christmas! (here is the website for the Office of the Pardon Attorney.  There’s some fun statistics in there.) Finally, allow your blood to boil or your flag to fly high, which ever you choose.

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AP Photographer Jailed

AP President and CEO wrote this article. A MUST read.

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Doug Morris, CEO of Universal Music Group

Brilliant article in Wired.

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The website is done.  I had nothing to do with it, but it looks great, don’t it? Let me know what you think. Also, please view this website.  I had tha Jazz-Man send it to me and it provides hours of interesting reads, or none at all, depending on your preferences.

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