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On Truth

In this month’s Harpers, there is an excerpt from a deposition of appropriation artist, Richard Prince, in a copyright suit against him.  Towards the end of the excerpt, the exchange goes like this: Q: So when you said you were taking flying lessons in your own airplane, that wasn’t true? A: I was being creative. […]

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Excerpt from “On Voluntary Servitude”

I am having trouble finding my own voice as of late.  Fortunately, many underrated thinkers have already said much of what is on my heart and mind. “Poor, wretched, and stupid peoples, nations determined on your own misfortune and blind to your own good!  You let yourselves be deprived before your own eyes of the […]

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Chomsky On Anarchism

“Predatory capitalism created a complex industrial system and an advanced technology; it permitted a considerable extension of democratic practice and fostered certain liberal values, but within limits that are now being pressed and must be overcome. It is not a fit system for the mid-twentieth century. It is incapable of meeting human needs that can […]

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Secret Torture Memos released

The Obama administration has just released the Bush OLC Memos justifying the use of torture.  Read them. ACLU has them here.

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This is not a joke

This is really happening. Whoops.  In the words of Urkel, “Did I do that?”

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Who polices the police?

A particularly pertinent and poignant pontification.

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Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri

Jane Mayer wrote a brilliant article in the New Yorker.  Here it is.

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Leahy calls for Truth Commission

here. I have mixed feelings about this proposed approach.  People should never be allowed to break laws and not answer for it.  If no laws were broken, let Bush et al be exonerated.  But if laws were broken and nothing is done, what assurance is there that the same things won’t happen again.  None.  Just […]

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HEY, OBAMA, YOU FAIL. Change apparently doesn’t include extraordinary renditions.

Glenn Greenwald has this one pretty much covered. This is scary.  Let’s not simply defer to Obama.  Let’s question him.  The office of president is not a hot-house of aristocracy.  He is a civil servant.  He has to answer to us. Update:  Scott Horton wrote about it this morning.

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Mukasey Responds (not to his fainting)

Wall Street Journal houses Mukasey’s response to the recent federal court order to release 5 detainees (see previous post.)

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